Assessing Aphasia Within The Constructs Of The Who Icf Model

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Assessing Aphasia within the Constructs of the WHO-ICF Model
Assessing and treating people with health impairments is a challenge faced by health providers throughout the world. In an attempt to create a standardized approach to classifications, terminology, and functional descriptions, the World Health Organization created the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) first as a trial in 1980 as the International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities, and Handicaps, or ICIDH (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012), and then fully published it in 2001 under its current title. In what was considered a “radical shift” of focus from the cause of the disease or disorder to the impact of the
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79-80). People with aphasia may have difficulty with any or all of these language components and to varying degrees at the activity level. For instance they may not be able to converse on the phone or read their bill statements. It is at the participation level that any combination of functional limitations on activities affect the person with aphasia’s involvement with social and life activities such as remaining employed, maintaining relationships, and performing household or leisure activities. Notably, two people with aphasia may have similar health conditions, impairment, and even similar activity levels, but may be affected very differently at the participation level, especially depending on environmental and personal factors. The significance of using the ICF model in approaching assessment and treatment, in an oversimplified view, could be summarized as a shifting from just “figuring out what’s broken” to also “figuring out what matters.”
Level 1: Assessment of Body Functions and Structures (Level of Impairment)
For people with aphasia, assessment and treatment typically starts with the identification of aphasia being present, and often with a diagnosis of the type of aphasia. This assessment of impairment forms the core of what many people may think of aphasia assessment because it includes the determination of
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