Essay on Assessing Learners Needs in Education

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Units 101 &105 In this essay I shall be examining the importance of accurate initial assessment of learner’s needs. In order to do this it is necessary to correctly identify my learners so that appropriate teaching methods can be structured for them. From there, I shall explore how to best support learners throughout their period of study, both in terms of educational support, and in terms of developing their self confidence. The students I teach are studying toward a 2 year diploma in Creative Sound Engineering & Music Technology at Deep Blue Sound (DBS). It is common for the learners to come from a fairly narrow section of society. Broadly speaking, learners are male, and fall into the 16-25 age range, although there is also…show more content…
As I joined the teaching staff at DBS some time into the academic year, I was not personally privy to the initial assessment procedure, which has required me to make my own assessment of the students needs from a point in the course where they have already covered a fair degree of the curriculum. I started by reviewing their current body of submitted work, before taking time with each individual student to gauge their progress on the course so far. Whilst this could have potentially been a hindrance, I have found it to be a useful exercise, as it has given both me and the learners the opportunity to assess their retention of what has already been taught, and to highlight any possible problems with the delivery of the course up until the point where I joined them. Indeed, as it turned out, by engaging the students in some simple question and answer sessions, and by assessing them with some rudimentary pop quizzes, we have established between ourselves that coverage of certain fields was either unsatisfactory, or delivered in such a way that made absorption of the information difficult. This has allowed me to schedule into my session plans a re-visiting of the concepts that were proving to be troublesome, allowing me to address them in the context of later stages of the curriculum. This proved to be a very positive experience for the students, as they were then
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