Assessing The Future Of Health Care

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Assessing The Future of Health Care in Canada
Former Saskatchewan Premier Ray Romanow was tasked with heading the Royal Commission on the future of the Canadian health care system. This commission was to act as a study on behalf of the Federal government, reviewing the public’s opinion on health care, and accordingly present recommendations for its required reform, and sustainability. Throughout the course of 2002, Premier Romanow put out two reports, the first of which was released in February as an interim report, highlighting his findings, as well as synthesizing the core issues around Canadian health care. The second report was released in November, and it documented the policy recommendations Premier Romanow and his team believed the Federal, and Provincial governments ought to implement to provide an enhanced health care system for the public. This study will outline, and analyze the Romanow Commission’s most prevalent issues, and recommendations, as well as evaluate their impact on today’s available health care.
The Romanow Commission underwent extensive public, as well as expert consultation for a period of 18 months prior to the release of either report. Premier Romanow, and his team believed in the importance of public dialogue, and used the commission reports as an instrument for the Canadian people to present their opinions to legislators in Ottawa. For this reason, there were a series of public hearings held across the country, as well as abroad, with input…
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