Assessing The Quality Of Food And Patient Acceptance Is Vital For Any Hospital

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Assessing the quality of food and patient acceptance is vital for any hospital however; at the Community Living Center (CLC) because the majority of the population is elderly feeding becomes a great concern. With the elder population taste, can often be altered due to medications, presence of chronic disease limiting their ability to property chew and swallow or may have a physical impairment. Therefore, it is important to monitor their daily meal intake to ensure there are no significant weight changes, the consistency of the food is appropriate and they are not experience any gastrointestinal issues that prevents them from eating. The most effective way I have observed to assess food quality and patient acceptance is by conducting…show more content…
Resident S.V. was visited in his room during the mid-morning snack delivery. This resident is currently on a VHA Healthy Diet, oral supplementation, an evening snack as well as, receiving Juven to help with his wounds. At the VA Hospital Juven is treated as a medication and delivered to the nurse’s station by the food service workers who are delivering the snacks to the resident’s room. The ward nurse then prepares the Juven for the patient. It was verified with resident that he is receiving the Juven during his mid-morning snack and late afternoon snack along with his oral supplementation. Resident was observed to be consuming about >50% of the nutritional supplementation. It was discussed with resident the possibility of decreasing his oral supplements to once per day since he was at a stable weight and reported to be consuming most of his meals. Resident did agree to the change in his snacks since it will be replaced by other types of snacks to meet his calorie needs.
Resident D.T. was visited in his room after his lunch tray was delivered. Resident appeared to be in good spirits during the interview. He is currently on a high fiber, low carbohydrate, low fat and low cholesterol, 1800 calorie diet. Resident did not require any assistance with tray setup or with feeding. His tray appeared to have the right amount of portions and foods that were consistent with his diet. Resident’s tray was observed consuming
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