Assessing Your Own Leadership Capability and Performance

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Reflective Review: M5.29 ASSESSING YOUR OWN LEADERSHIP CAPABILITY AND PERFORMANCE Learner Name | Anton Farrugia | Centre Name | Mdina Partnership | Centre Number | R28231 | Learner Registration No | N51233L41611-08 | Introduction In this review, my own organization’s leadership capabilities and performance will be assessed. This review will be based on Computime Ltd organizational structure and I will be showing my own understanding of the leadership styles within the organisation, reviewing the effectiveness of my own leadership skills but also discuss the adoption of an effective leadership style to motivate staff to finally meet the organizational values and goals. Computime Ltd is one of the major IT organisations based in…show more content…
It was proven that the most effective leadership style adopted in between the team forming stage and the team norming stage (Bruce Tuckman 1965) was the directing style where detailed instructions were given on what was expected from each member to achieve organizational goals. By organizing weekly team meetings, team members were providing feedback on their daily operations including improvements but also consolidating their understanding of their role within the team. It was noted that some team members within the network solutions team tend to shift to the norming state after going through some technical difficulties in a particular project. In such situation, a combination of my own coaching and supporting leadership styles was balanced to provide team members a considerable amount of feedback on their progress and listen to problems and concerns without criticizing and judging. This is considered a critical stage of the team building process but at the same time it is a good opportunity to keep the team members aligned with the company core values and objectives, which primarily are delivering high quality solutions in a timely manner and earn customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is clearly communicated during the regular team meetings, that there needs to be a continuous team effort to provide an honest advice during the design,
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