Assessing the Settlement of Laws Related to Corruption: Tanzania

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL 1. INTRODUCTION This paper is critically assess the settlement of the laws related to the corruption. Corruption at this context simply means misuse of public office for private gain. According to Black law dictionary [1] corruption means the act of doing something with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others Now are the Tanzanian laws settled to ensure that there is free corrupt society so that to create better environment and good governance in the public offices in Tanzania 1.1BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY There are many unsolved problem in Tanzania , but the issue of upsurge of corruption is troubling. The notion…show more content…
RESEARCH QUESTIONS • Whether there is public accountabilty and good governance • Whether the piblic is aware of the consequences of corruption in retardation of the development • Whether there are measures that if they are put into place they will abolish corruption in the society • Whether the public is awere of its rights to get better services from public offices 5. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY • To give exposure to the society and government on how public officials suffers from corruption • To provide mechanism which will be used by the government officials to administer powers and function in accordance with the law 6. THE SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF THE STUDY This paper will cover the assessment of the laws and its practice towards the preventions and combating of corruption as far as public officials is concerned and its impact to the society Data collection will be at Dodoma and Mwanza regions.Delaying in answering the questionaire is likely to be a limitation to the researcher. The research will be conducted while the researcher carrying on with the normal class time table. Financial problem will be another limitation to the researcher 7. LITERATURE REVIEW Larry J. Siegel he said that “criminal justice system have also gotten caughtup in official corruption ,a circumstances that a particularly disturbimg[5]” he discussed about good moral among the public
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