Assessing the Technological Impact of Customer Relationship Management

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Assessing The Technology Impact Of CRM Introduction The cumulative impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies throughout enterprises continue to illustrate how effective these processes, systems and technologies are for bringing the customers' concerns, preferences and needs into the center of a company's operations. The value of CRM is in changing how companies measure their performance from their customers' expectations, also quantifying the preferences and requirements (Mukerjee, Singh, 2009). Gaining customer insights through the use of CRM can also give companies greater insights into how they can continually improve e-commerce, Web-based self-service and better integrate their existing systems into new Web-based ones (Xu, Walton, 2005). With so much potential value to be attained through the use of CRM and its related technologies, there are a multitude of businesses adopting these technologies. One specific company is Virgin America, who is a leader in the area of integrating CRM technologies into their pre-sales, sales and post-sales processes (Kirby, Trimble, 2011). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how Virgin America was able to introduce the new CRM systems to customers, integrating a comprehensive Web self-service portal on the front-end of the core system so they could use it. Second, the ways that added value to their customer experience and long-term customer loyalty are also discussed. Third, a support plan for customers who

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