Assessing the Value and Impact of Cpoe Essay

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Abstract There are some assumptions made by university health care system in its implementation that the common advantages of using a computerized system would obviously work to their own advantage. Users of the system make a great impact to the existence of the same. It is imperative to consider old data that is supposed to be fed to the system in order to make it efficient while updating the rest of information. Self evaluation process is recommendable to the system by the Information Technology experts. The human interface of the system should be included by the evaluation team. This will include two psychologists. The above aspects should be considered by a team of analysts before they conclude on whether the project does or does not…show more content…
This company in the first place began an initiative without gaining proper knowledge on the benefits and cost of this new venture. They had not done the proper research for just how well this venture would work for them. In doing so, they are expected to be ready for anything that comes their way. Any entrepreneur understands that business is just a matter of taking chances. Anything can happen at any time. When this disappointment happens, the leadership should have sat down to evaluate and discuss the options available to them. They should have counted their opportunity cost. If they would have done this efficiently, then it would have been planned to see that several other options were available to them. Instead of pulling out, they should have looked for other implementation methods available. They should have also invested in security software that would ensure customer information safety. For the evaluation process, I would have several people from the IT crew to the customer. As the IT team continues to develop the system, I would recommend them to install a self evaluation module. This module will have several features like calculation the amount of time taken to process a single request. This will be calculated from the time the user begins to request a new request to the time the request is finished. From all these calculations, an average will be obtained. This average will be compared to the old time when the manual system was
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