Essay on Assessment 1

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HR (October 2014) intake BX663301 Assessment 1 Question One (16 marks) Read the following case study “Working Holiday Incident”, research Health and Safety in employment in New Zealand and then write your own answers to the questions below relating them where possible to the case study. a) Explain two main responsibilities under the current HSE Act for both employers and employees (four responsibilities in total). (0.5 mark each = 2 marks) b) The case “Working Holiday Incident” states that DVDs and a booklet were used to show safe work practices and presumably, to identify hazards at the pack house. In order to make the site-specific DVD, a hazard identification exercise would have been carried out. Explain in detail how…show more content…
Dieter’s job involved a repetitive task: using a straight pole with a hook on the end to pull out the polystyrene bin liner from each empty kiwifruit bin as it passed by on the conveyor line. After this task, the bins moved along on the conveyor at a slow and steady pace until they reached a stacking machine. This machine was an automatic forklift that stacked five empty bins on top of one another ready for moving along to be loaded on to trucks for transport back to the orchard. Here they were filled again, and the process repeated. On the night of the incident, Dieter had started his shift on time at 11.00pm. He had been in his job for 19 days, working an average of 50 hours a week. He had his normal break at 1.15am. At about 2.00am he missed removing a bin liner. He then left his work station and followed that bin on its journey along the conveyor belt to try and remove the liner before the bin was stacked by the automatic forklift. This was a practice he and other workers had observed and carried out several times, even though they were expected to leave missed bin liners, and not leave their work station. While Dieter was trying to retrieve the missed bin liner, he either slipped or was knocked by one of the stacker forks, causing him to become jammed by the forks that continued to come down on his head as they tried to pick up the bin. His screams were heard and a
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