Assessment 2 Case Study Notes Essay

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Assessment 2 Case Study
SOC 10007 Understanding the modern world
Globalisation and Rationalisation

Introduction The era of modernity, began and flourished in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. In every language, the meaning of ‘modern’ would mean up to date or contemporary. In sociology, it was referred to as the ‘Great transformation’, a term which reflects the enormous magnitude of change that took place (Polanyi, 1973). The main features of modernity were growth of productive capabilities, efficient food production, and the replacement of agriculture by industrial manufacturing, as the dominant form of productive activity. Modernity saw the development of new political ideas, such as
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Rationalisation refers to the replacement of traditions, values, and emotions as motivators for behaviour in society with rational and calculated ones. The process of rationalisation has transformed social life forever, it has led to new practices that were chosen because they are efficient, replacing human with non-human technology. The development of scientific study, capitalism and the introduction of bureaucracy into governments over the last 200 years are examples of the growing trend of rationalisation. The technical superiority of the bureaucratic form will dominate all forms of human organizations and entrap humans (Weber, M, 1998). Today’s society have grown up in a world structured by the pressures of rationalisation. We take for granted fast food eateries open 24 hours a day, which is meant to be more efficient but turns out to be quite inefficient at times, due to long lines of people queueing at counters or in driveways for take away, also automatic teller machines, (ATM) where we now wait in line at the ATM’s for money instead of inside banks, having to brave the outside elements queueing on footpaths, or shopping centres. Who are those that benefit from rationalisation? The most gain goes to those who push rationalisation. We pay extra to deal with the inefficiency and inhumanity of a rationalised society, such as the extra $2 we are charged to use the ATM

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