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Assessment 2: Digger J. Jones Close reading Jackie Miller- MillerJA Digger J. Jones written by Richard J. Frankland (2007) is a historical fiction text written by a 11 year old character in a Diary 's form .Set in 1967 during the Vietnam war is about the protagonist Digger J. Jones (D.J.J) and his experiences as an Australian aboriginal child during the time of the Vietnam war as well as during the national referendum. The select passage on pages 7-9 contains a letter from the main protagonist Digger to his older brother Paulie who had just been killed while fighting in the Vietnam war. The passage is able to evoke a feeling of empathy from the ideal reader.This text supports the movement of Aboriginal peoples rights and such as the…show more content…
The book challenges perspectives by daring the reader to empathize with a minority group and try to see from a point of view less commonly discussed Due to the nature of the implied author within this book of this book, the main protagonist D.J.J is able to convey a feeling of innocence and childhood, while Digger is an unreliable narrator as he may leave out key facts or events due not only to his age but also due to the fact that he had a level of ignorance regarding the events and struggles of the time period. The simplistic nature of the grammar and linguistics creates the feeling of reading a text written by a younger person, this is emphasized through the use of focalisation within the text, on page 7 (Frankland Rickard, 2007) when Digger writes “I wanna” it conveys to the level of education and the maturity of the character. Due to Diggers young age during the text, he is unable to completely understand the issues facing the aboriginal citizens of Australia; however this is not to say that he did not experience the racial profiling and discrimination. Digger helps the reader understand

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