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Indigenous Education & Perspectives Assessment 2: Essay Topic: The Stolen Generations ELA: Angela Perry Written By: Samantha Morrison Student Number: 100169529 WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that the following assessment may contain images and names of deceased persons. This essay will define and discuss the event of the Stolen Generations. It will analyse the nature of the affects and impacts of the event on Indigenous Australians, reflect on the relevance of educators having an understanding of this historical event and lastly will discuss how the event undermines and supports the use of Indigenous language. The ‘Stolen Generations’ is a term used to describe the actions of…show more content…
Reasons for not coming forward vary such as shame, confusion, the sense no one cares or understands, lack of awareness by family and friends and also some people find it hard opening up old wounds and prefer not to dredge up the past (Davenport-West, 2009). Many children who were taken experienced physical and sexual abuse by the hands of their caregivers; this can cause members to have psychological issues and because of the trauma of these experiences may prevent them from coming forward (Davenport-West, 2009). “The impacts of abuse on a child depends on a range of factors such as the type of the abuse, the severity of the abuse, the relationship of the child to the abuser/s, the child 's family environment and their relationship with their parents or other caregivers, and whether the child has previous experiences of abuse, or a history of support, care and love” (, n.d.). Psychological effects are common in adulthood for children who have been abused and the most common conditions are depression, anxiety and increase in violence and rage. Indigenous people who are victims of ‘The Stolen Generations’ can fall prey to these effects (, n.d.). Individual records were not accurately kept; especially for Aboriginal children many members of the Stolen Generations have missing, disjointed or incomplete records such as birth certificates, parents’ marriage certificates, adoption papers and other government
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