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Assessment 3

Student name: Haotian Wang
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Leaders help themselves as well as their followers to do the correct things. They set bearing, form a moving vision, and make something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you have to go to "win" as a group or an association; and it is alert, energizing, and rousing. And a good leader should have several important attributes. (Bennis, 1990)
This report have represented six general leadership attributes which are confidence, work in teams, self-awareness, organizes effectively, acts responsibly and self-motivation that required for a efficient and awesome leader. And I have analyzed these six leadership skills about myself on an
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Work in teams
“The process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal.”(BusinessDictionary)
Work in teams can open members’ mind to develop more creative ideas, which could increase the efficiency of a progress in less time. Also work in teams is most valuable where work content changes now and again and employees with constrained abilities and a particular arrangement of obligations can 't adapt. A leader who had good teamwork skill could be a guider of the team and lead group members on the right track, thereby to achieve the business goal more efficiency and better. Also building a good relationship within group members is very important for them to perform skills and communicate more efficiency. I am really enjoying in working in teams, there is no hesitate to speak out within the group and I like to contribute effort in the group. But I am always the person who is lead by others, which means I am unlikely to be the leader in the team because I am not very confident and responsible to be a good leader. A good team player should have following qualities
 Adapts quickly and easily
 Does more than asked
 Always reliable
 Communicates with confidence
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