Assessment : An Essential Element Of The Counselling Process And Ethical Client Care

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1. Assessment is an essential element of the counselling process and ethical client care. Through assessment, counsellors are able to ascertain important information about the nature, magnitude and impact of the problem ; the interplay between family , relationships and past experiences with respect to the problem; the client’s strength and readiness for counselling ; and whether counselling can be beneficial to the client (Drummond & Jones, 2010).

2. There are two main approaches to successfully achieve a systematic and fully descriptive view of evaluation and assessment in counselling – the quantitative and qualitative approach. Both are effective ways to assess and communicate the nature, background and outcomes of the case. Results can provide the counsellor with the interpretation of certain behaviours and emotions of the client.

3. Quantitative assessment is the collection of data that can be analysed in terms of numerical scores and ratings. This task entails working with statistics, gathering, analysing, interpreting, and charting results, trends, and norms. Quantitative methods show the degree to which certain characteristics are present, such as frequency of activities, opinions, beliefs, or behaviours within a group (2nd Edition – Outreach Evaluation Resource Centre, 2013).

4. Qualitative assessment is data collection that does not lend itself to numerical methods but rather to interpretive standards. The measurement is more focused on comprehensive…
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