Assessment And Implementation Of Data Security

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Data Security Management
Identify at least 5 Best Practices concerning the selection and implementation of Data Security products and/or services.
Data Security Product Categories
• Identification and Authentication
• Access Control
• Intrusion Detection
• Firewall
• Pubic Key Infrastructure
• Behavior Monitoring
• Antivirus and Malicious Content
• Vulnerability Scanners
• Forensics

Best Practice – Risk Assessment
Prior to selecting or implementing any Data Security product every organization should perform a Risk Assessment. This is one of the most import first steps that must be undertaken by any organization. By performing a Risk Assessment you will be able to answer a number of the basic questions that are needed by any Data Security product.
• What are the assets contained that need protected under the scope of this project?
• What specific risk level do each of these assets pose?
• What amount in monetary budget and labor will the organization balance against these risks?
Have you fully detailed all objects that will needed to be protected? This must include both physical and logical objects. If the Risk Assessment has been performed properly, both the strengths and weaknesses present in security policies and controls will be evident. After compiling a full list, a risk level should be applied to each asset. This assessment when weighted against the monetary budget allows an organization make a learned decision.
Only by performing a Risk Assessment can you determine…
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