Assessment And Intervention Of Print Knowledge

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Personal Reflection of Action Assignment: Assessment and Intervention of Print Knowledge to Students with Severe Disabilities Breannah Davis-Bloom Radford University Introduction Emergent literacy development is a foundational principle commonly acquired prior to inclusion into a formal educational setting. Literacy development is a uniquely dynamic concept, consciously and unconsciously embedded in the everyday lives of children. As a result of diversity in family dynamics, literacy levels can be varied and sometimes non-existent. Print knowledge is an early construct of literacy development pivotal to latter literacy achievement. Print knowledge can be defined as the “understanding of the forms and functions of written language and the names and features of the alphabet” (Pratt et al., 2015, p.570). Much research is provided concerning curriculum development of print knowledge for typically developing students. However, little research is available regarding print knowledge curriculum development for students with severe disabilities. The target population of this action research is a young girl with Down Syndrome, four years of age, of Asian descent and residing in a Preschool Special Education classroom at Kipps Elementary School in Blacksburg, VA. This action assignment is purposed for print knowledge development that can be conducted across both the home and school settings. This objective became a point of interest as a result of students’ observed
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