Assessment And Problem Formulation Of Fice Of Student Life At The Ohio State University

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Assessment and Problem Formulation
Our practice context is the counseling and consultation service of the Office of Student Life at the Ohio State University. We provide a variety of counseling to students such as individual, group, psychiatry, nutritional counseling, couple’s counseling, etc. We provide workshops, crisis debriefing, and community referral. The counseling and consultation service wants to help students with stress management, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, transitions in life, identity exploration, substance use, eating concerns, etc. Students can make an appointment. We also have an emergency suicide prevention hotline if a student needs immediate assistance. Our staff of counselors has noticed an increase in students experiencing stress and anxiety due to finances, especially regarding school loans. Students who visit our office complain about not understanding their options, not understanding different types of loans, what interest rates mean, and what it means to accrue or even manage the debt. After many students reported the same problem, the director of the office did research to learn about the connection between stress and financial management. Research supports the idea that a student’s level of stress/anxiety due to finances can be caused by a lack of knowledge and unhealthy financial behaviors (Chudry, Foxall & Pallister, 2011).
The counseling office assumes that if a large percentage of students visiting their office are…
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