Comparing Dunn And Dunn Learning Style

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There are several factors that impact an individual’s ability to learn with none more important than that particular individual’s personal learning style. Throughout the years there have been numerous theories developed regarding individual learning styles with just as many learning style assessments available for the individual to ascertain just how he or she learns best. The writing will focus on the Dunn and Dunn Learning Style Assessment. According to Bastable (2014), Dunn and Dunn set out to develop a model that would assist educators identifying characteristics that allow individuals to learn in different ways. At the end of their research, Dunn and Dunn had created a model that focused on five basic stimuli that affect
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The authors further go on to point out that there is a growing emphasis on differentiated instruction which has strengthened the appeal of utilizing learning styles among educators. According to the authors, differentiated instruction, broadly defined as varying instruction to meet the individual needs of all students, typically includes a focus on individual students’ learning profiles (Landrum & McDuffie, 2010) The article further goes on to compare the overlapping constructs of individualized versus differentiated instruction in terms of those with learning disabilities. Individualized education as define by the Landrum & McDuffie (2010), refers simply to the matching of instruction to the individually identified needs of a student, whereas, differentiated instruction is a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning for students of differing readiness levels, interests, and modes of learning within the same classroom. The authors further go on to discuss learning styles with an emphasis on the Dunn and Dunn Learning Style. The authors describe the elements of the Dunn and Dunn model and briefly expand upon its application for individual learners. According to Dunn and Dunn, 20% to 30% of students appear to be auditory, 40% are visual, and 30% to 40% are either
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