Assessment Business Network Client Relationships

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1.Write a detailed report on the procedures that are being followed by the business organization that you are currently working in to build client relationships and business networks. My company called Bybloss, is a big and popular company that produces a range of cosmetics,for men and women. In this company I `am a sales and marketing manager,so I am responsible for taking care of new products, some improvements, as well, as taking care of the work of my empolyess. Last week, our company introduced a new brand cream, in order to that I hadto prepare some instructions for my staff, to get a clear perspective about what we need to introduce, so I prepared slides in Power Point and I presented it during the meeting.…show more content…
Another way I took advantage to build a business network is to be an active, vocal member on online forums, especially those that pertain to our particular business. I do delegate some people by voting, whose take care of our image. Usually, they deal with post messages in online forums that concern our own business in any way. Their comments need to be helpful and genuine to others (or they won't visit our business website). That means, we can link back to our business website here and there, but not constantly, as that can be annoying . In other words, we do some promoting and business networking on online message boards and forums. People from other fields of business can easily have contact with us , and better socialize with themselves. To build client relationships.. We should be nice for our customers, everybody knows that people don't like to do business with grumpy and irritable people. We considered, what we can give our clients and our network that will help them grow or help them solve a problem. We always approach relationships in a generous, giving, and positive manner. Other way to build client relationships we need to be honest, and to show them our trust. This is important one
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