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Assessment CYPOP30: Support the creativity of children and young people and understand how creativity promotes well being for children and young people 1.1 Explain evidence, approaches and theories about the benefits of creativity for the well-being of children and young people. B.F.Skinner; B.F. Skinner, born on March 20th 1904, was an American behavioural psychologist who carried who carried out many experiments based on how behaviour is shaped and that all humans will regurgitate the things they enjoy doing and avoid those they dislike. He understood that creative people will be rewarded positively in order for that person to take an interest in that particular activity and develop further. He based his theories on self-observation,…show more content…
This way the children will learn there is a reason to tidy up after themselves, instead of just tiding up because they know they will be rewarded, eventually tidying up will become part of the children’s routine. “Skinner emphasized reward. He believed that punishment was counter-productive. He broke tasks down into small steps, each step reinforced and rewarded as it was learned. Although Skinner’s experiments were generally carried out on animals, his work became widely applied to child development and to work with parents.” (How Children Learn, John Holt, p.43). “Working with parents” means that teachers will work with parents to continue reinforcement at home, for example when a child comes home with a sticker, the parents will be encouraged by the teachers to ask why the child has a sticker, so that the child can develop and understand that they have been good or realise that they have done something well. In my setting we carry out observations and Individual Learning Plans, so that the child, parents and teachers can see the areas of development that the child accomplishes and use positive reinforcement to further develop areas that the child may be lacked in. As an early years practitioner trainee assistant I would support a child’s development in

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