Assessment Feedback to Students

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Assessment feedback to students This guidance paper offers: 1. The principles of providing feedback to students 2. A listing of practical feedback methods for both coursework and exams 3. Suggestions for cutting back on marking and feedback work load 4. The main points of Bath’s Quality Assurance expectations regarding assessment feedback to students 5. References for further information 1. The principles of providing assessment feedback to students The role of feedback in the learning process, is to inform the student of where and how their learning and performance can be improved. Feedback on learning can come from fellow students, lecturers, staff supporting the learning process such as demonstrators, or the student…show more content…
This not only helps the person receiving the feedback, but also moves the learning from the assessing student, to a higher level. Be prepared to find that students mark each other much ‘tougher’ than you might ever consider, so do remind them of the need to mark the work, not the student and to be respectful and careful of each other.  Individual verbal feedback: most suitable for thesis type assessed work, such as PhD progress feedback, or feedback on project work. In many ways, this is the individual tutorial on which University learning once used to depend.  Grouped needs-led feedback: students are grouped by their need for feedback on particular content or learning. Feedback is then delivered to those students who all struggled with the same problems as a group. Students may find themselves in more groups than one, and may self select or be selected for particular groups. This method is particularly suitable for feedback on complex learning and content.  Marking schemes: using a checklist of assessment criteria, onto which the feedback to students is written, allows students to receive their feedback in a very structured manner. A blank comment box should always be added to marking scheme forms, so as to allow for individual feedback where needed.  Co-grading: one of the best kinds of feedback and the most direct form
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