Assessment For Student Learning Task One . Our Instructional

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Assessment for Student Learning Task One Our instructional setting consists of eighteen second grade students. One student joins us for ten minute intervals throughout the day for social interaction. In the classroom, there are two English Language Learners. One student does not need to be pulled out for extra help, while the other one gets pulled out to receive extra help in math and reading. There are currently four students who are below level learners in reading. Two of those students are reading at Kindergarten levels, and the other two read well, but they are lacking in comprehension skills. For math, the same four students who are below level in reading, are also below level in math. Within this introduction, you will want to…show more content…
Students were given two days at the most to complete this assessment, and was reported on three times in the school year. The first assessment, students were to describe a time they had fun in the Winter, the second was to describe a funny even that happened to them, and the last was to write about a time they had fun. Describe the content and objective or standard being assessed. Discuss both the objective and performance parts of this assessment; were the types of questions aligned with the objectives? Was the assessment given on the same day or within a multi-day unit? Was it administered one-on-one or in a whole group setting. Provide other details where pertinent. You may want to provide one or two sample questions from each section of the assessment. Objective Section: Analysis of Student Learning The score that demonstrated mastery were three’s and fours. “Almost there” students scored two’s and “not yet” students scored ones. The first narrative writing, three students scored ones, while the rest of the class scored twos for the narrative form. In conventions, two students scored one’s, and ten students scored a two. The second test resulted in four students scoring a one, nine students scoring a two, and three students scoring a four, for form. In conventions, six students scored a one, two students
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