Assessment For Students And Schools Performances

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Introduction Assessment for many years has been used in a summative manor to quantify student’s abilities to compare students and schools performances. Although necessary to some degree this assessment of learning is using assessment ineffectively as assessment when used properly is a very effective learning tool. Assessment for Learning is defined as “ the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where learners are the their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there” (Assessment Reform Group, 2002). The starting point for this piece has to be the work of Black and Wiliam Assessment and classroom learning (1998) and Inside the black box: Raising standards through…show more content…
Harrison and Black (2004) go on to explain how science and formative assessment work together so successfully “Science provides the means by which learners can interact with the world around them and develop ideas about the phenomena they experience. So, that when they attempt activities such as germinating seeds, their studies in science equip them with ways to observe and question what is happening. Through experiments they can begin to work out what might happen if conditions for the growing plant change. To be able to learn science in this way, students need help in developing process skills to investigate, and communication skills to question and discuss findings. Formative assessment fits well into this learning scenario, since its purpose is for teachers to sift the rich data that arise class discussion and activity, so that the professional judgements can be made about the next steps in learning.” Assessment for learning is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching especially with the pressure of external exams, which is all summative and can cause teaching to alter to that manor of assessment (Pollard, Triggs, Broadfoot, McNess and Osborne, 2000). Formative assessment is crucial to effective teaching as Black and Wiliam (1998) point out “Instruction
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