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Assessment Guide - AMB202 Integrated Marketing Communication This guide provides you with information and criteria sheets for AMB202 Integrated Marketing Communication assessment items. There are three criterion referenced assessment items within this unit: hot topic oral presentation, an IMC Evaluation project and poster (group). Hot topic Pecha Kucha oral presentation – individual 25% This assessment item is designed to build skills both in research analysis and interpretation of an IMC topic, as well as building oral presentation skills. This assessment item requires you to choose one (1) IMC topic and review it in class. Presentations will begin from week 5. It needs to be HOT and current. Presentations are no longer than 7…show more content…
You may want to provide a table or diagram showing specific marketing communication that either addresses target audiences and what channels it is being communicated within. The consistency triangle is a simple way to analyse brand messages and how they relate to each other. Strategic brand consistency exists when a brand does what is says from the customer’s perspective. What the brand says and what it does are reinforced by what others say about it. Based on the marketing communication problems identified, develop responses or strategies that address target audiences and meet organisational goals. You must incorporate evidence in this process. Use additional academic journal or text book references to support your decisions. This is your opportunity to be creative in identifying solutions for your organisation. Remember to link your ideas to your argument for marketing communication significance. Poster and Best in Show events will be held in the last week of semester. This is where each group will showcase their marketing communication ideas to the client. The best 3 groups work will be chosen as winners. You will want to present your ideas as concisely as possible to the client. Each group will talk to the client and you will be marked on your ability to present your ideas. It will not be a formal

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