Assessment Is A Large Part Of Every Classroom

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Assessment is a large part of every classroom. In order to gauge student understanding, assessments are required in the classroom. They can range in complexity from a simple exit ticket or traditional formal assessment. Using a variety of assessment types is important to give students a multitude of ways to show their learning. Teachers need to be cognizant of their students, and assessments provide the means to understand students better. I have used many different assessments. A primary focus of mine is making sure students have the best opportunity to show they have learned. Students with test anxiety may not be able to show me how much they learned in the way a project could. On a daily basis, I use informal assessments. There are as simple as asking students to explain a concept just discussed, asking for an exit ticket to end the class, and asking students if they have questions during an assignment or lesson. At the beginning of lessons, I like to ask students to remind us of the day before to make sure they understand the connection from day to day. Throughout the class I will conduct brief, informal assessments, written or verbal, to make sure students are grasping the new ideas. Formal assessments become much more involved when considering all that needs to be gauged. Formal assessments for me are categorized as anything I “grade.” These follow my informal assessments throughout lessons. For example, my students just finished learning about expository style
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