Assessment Is An Integral Part Of Education

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“Assessment is an integral part of education in order to monitor children’s development”. (NCCA, 2004) Lesson one (see plan Appendices 1a) was an English lesson focussing on Direct Speech and Lesson 2 (see plan Appendices 2a) was an English Lesson Introducing pronouns. During the preparation for these lessons a tracker sheet was filled out. This enables teachers to see a list of all the children in the class. In preparation for these the children’s current grade and target grade for the subject was noted alongside each name (See appendices 1c and 2c). The sheet allows for teachers to note objectives achieved and not achieved and then give significant reasons. For each lesson it is important to know before, during and after assessment where each child is at in terms of their learning development. Teachers and children knowing this will help with planning and teaching the lesson and therefore in turn give the child the best possibility to reach their goal. (National Foundation Educational Research, 2007). The National Foundation of Education Research summarise assessment as; “Assessment is part of a learning journey. And as with most journeys it helps to know where you’re going, why you want to go there and how you plan to get there. It’s also important to know where you are before you begin the journey.” (National Foundation Educational Research, 2007) There are two core types of assessment, Summative and Formative. The key to good assessment is to understand what each
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