Assessment Is The Act Of Making A Judgement About Something

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‘Assessment is the act of making a judgement about something’ (Merriam-Webster 2016, page 1) As well as ‘finding out to what children have learned.’ (Dylan William. Pg 1) In over a century, it’s been debated by researchers, assessments which one is the most effective, for children’s learning. Whether or not it’s the few that will be focused on such as; formative, summative or diagnostic assessments, ‘they agreed that assessment was primarily about evaluating the effects of instruction.’ (Dylan William. Pg 1). They’re many benefits to assessments which have helped teachers to support students. However, with these strengths and benefits, assessments also follow with limitations and challenges. As teachers, educators and mentors it’s our responsibility to work towards understanding the role of assessments and how to report data that we have found about students. Different assessments are teaching guides to teachers to analyse how children learn and how can we change our learning styles to support children to reach their full potentials, with the help of using theories from educational theorists and relating back to the educational curriculum.
Formative assessment ‘refers to the frequent, interactive assessment of student progress to identify learning needs and shape teaching’. (OECD, 2005. Pg) It is also referred to as assessment for learning. ‘Assessment for learning is any assessment for which the first priority in its design and practice is to service the purpose of…
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