Assessment Is The Process Of Gathering Information And Evidence For Assess A Learner

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Assessment is the process of gathering information and evidence to assess a learner. Assessors will work with the learner to identify gaps in learning, knowledge and skills and provide learning objectives with feedback to enhance their knowledge base, skills and progression. Assessment comes in differing forms and can be used either singularly or in conjunction with another to provide this information. Assessments will gather information and a judgment can be formulated in regards a learners competence, knowledge and skills. Some assessments used can be summarised below. • Observation of performance in the work environment. This method is based upon observations being taken in the work place and will be based on fact and specific work based actions, behaviours and tasks. It allows the assessor to assess the learners’ performance and knowledge of their role. It allows for feedback and input from both the assessor and learner, whereby future goals and learning aims can be set. Observations will allow for a judgement on knowledge and competence. • Examining Products of Work This method is a resource used by the learner from their workplace, for example, care plans, reports, risk assessments, policies or procedures that they use or contribute to on a daily basis. It will aid in professional discussions and provide evidence of competence and knowledge. • Discussion with the Learner This method involves a comprehensive discussion between learner and assessor to
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