Assessment Is Vital For The Education Process

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Assessment is vital to the education process, it determines if educators and students are meeting goals and requirements within the education standards (ref assessment learning). Traditionally summative assessment is used to determine where student sit either or a benchmarks or results table (mellon uni). These assessments are generally half way through the teaching period and/or at the end, consisting of test, quiz or exams. Summative allowed teachers to measure the student’s ability when these test have been completed and award give an overall grade and place their students on the benchmark. This type of assessment is refereed to as assessment of learning (SCSC). Researches have suggested applying this form of teaching and assessing into…show more content…
formatative assessment has no scoring or grading its just to measure the students knowledge of the subject being taught. This allows teaxhers to have better judgement of the students impacting there current desions and one for the future (nat)The idea behind formative assessment is to continuously improve and monitor student’s results. Bennet (yr) states to define formative assessment is important because if we cant Cleary define formative and innovation, we can’t meaningfully document its effectiveness. Formative assessment is to be used in classroom practices its not only to help students achieve but also help learn to learn.
Formative assessment is an active and intentional learing process that joins teacher and student frequently and systematically to gather evidence of learning with the direct goals of improving student achievement (ref1). Formative assessment can be split into two types of learning tools. First one being an instructional tool which teacher and their students use while learning is occurring. Two which is a accountably tool is to ensure what has been taught has been learnt by the students. Interrelated forms of formative assessment will allow teacher/educators to design summative assessment that achieve the education goals and purpose however relating to their students. To insure that informal judgments of students achievements are being recorded and observed early research have centered on several
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