Assessment Item 2 - Written Assessment

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Assessment Item 2 – Written Assessment:


Executive summary:
In the following paper, research is done on Human Resource Outsourcing. It is critical to decide whether to outsource particular function or not. To solve this problem, Harman’s Process Strategy Matrix is explained. And according to this matrix, some of the HR functions are studied. Advantages and disadvantages of HRO are discussed and explained thoroughly. The latest technology of e-HRM is explained extensively. Also a case of SAP SE software is given which is used by German Team to increase performance of its players. Finally, the given case is analysed and solution is provided in conclusion.

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They should be handled carefully. For this function to be effective, human resource managers should be having very good skill set. But sometimes, there arises circumstances, in which human resource manager cannot work efficiently. In some situations, company needs to outsource human resource functions. For example:
1. Company needs to cut down their cost i.e. expenses on human resource managers.
2. Human resource managers are busy and they cannot afford to give time for some tasks they need to do.
3. Human resource manager id unskilled.
In these situations, company can think of outsourcing human resource functions. But before outsourcing, they should think about following questions:
1. Is the company comfortable with letting someone else handling human resource functions?
2. Do company have dedicated HR professionals or HR resources to fulfil their need? Are they enough efficient?
3. Can business afford HR outsourcing firm?
The overall idea of this paper is to research and study human resource outsourcing practices in organisations. And using this research, there is a solution found to the given case.
This research is used to find solution for the HR of company.

Concept of outsourcing
“Subcontracting as many non-core activities as possible is a central element of the new economy”. Financial Times, 31 July 2001, p. 10.
Outsourcing is defined as work done by the experts other than company employees for the company. We live in the
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