Assessment Methods in Assessing Vocational Achievement

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Reflection on different assessment methods Throughout my work with candidates I use number of different assessment methods as well as assessment categories. Assessment is a number of different methods which are used to evaluate performance and can be used measured against set criteria. I use formative assessment throughout the process so that every time I interact with the candidate I assess their achievement of LO to guide the learning process which informs my decision about the next stage of learning and assessment. When I worked though the plan with candidates and that together we feel that all LO have been covered I conduct a final summative assessment of the portfolio as a whole. I give feedback on this assessment and make…show more content…
I use this method in consultation with the learner and we create a plan around the best way of performing it. Benefits • Marking can be fast but some standardisation of interview procedure is needed to ensure reliability and validity. • Can be useful to check the ownership of evidence - to ensure that students are familiar with things that other forms of assessment indicate that they have learned well. • Virtually no scope for plagiarism • Can provide a free exchange of ideas on a topic • Generally used supported by other assessment methods • Allows for description, evaluation and reflection • Structured discussion allows for gaps to be covered • The authenticity (ownership) of the product is not without doubt Disadvantages • Can be too leading • Can be disjointed; learners need preparation time to ensure logical flow of ideas • A criticism could be that it tests communication, understanding, and capacity to think quickly under pressure. • Oral work can be less stressful for some students • Cultural and individual difference can result in some candidates underperforming when asked questions by figures of authority. • Not suitable for assessing large amounts of subject knowledge and understanding as it not supposed to be a memory test. It is best utilised to plug knowledge gaps that have occurred in other areas of assessment. •
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