Assessment Of A Relationship With The Family

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Assessment of Presenting Issues In the process of establishing a relationship with the family, there occurs the assessment process. In the assessment stage, the counsellor collaborates with the family to uncover the presenting problems. According to Hackney and Cormier (2013) problems may be conceptualized in various ways: as needs, stressors, life conditions, misinterpretations, dysfunctional social patterns, or a combination of these determinants. For Max’s case I chose to utilize approaches and techniques from Minuchin’s Structural Family Theory for the assessment and support/intervention stages. However, though the genogram in not a SFT techniques, it is a useful rapport building and assessment tool.
Basic Genogram Both the process of creating a genogram and the content it holds have therapeutic benefits. (Balaguer, Dunn, & Levitt, 2000). In this case I could use the genogram as therapeutic alliance building tool as well as a way to observe the family dynamic. The main focus of the genogram with this family would be to explore the triangles between Mary, Bill and Julie, by looking at family history and presenting patterns. For this reason, this process would not include Max. Using Bowen’s collaborative approach, the clients would lead the process as they are the experts of their own lives. Once the genogram has been constructed, I would invite the family to explore its meanings. While using minimal therapeutic techniques and imposing opinions, my role as the

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