Assessment Of An Organizational Leader

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Assessment of an Organizational Leader
It is not uncommon for individuals in a private corporation or in a state public sector organization to associate leadership concepts with the top brass in today’s military. Individuals will make the assumption that if someone obtains a certain rank in the military then that person must possess the skills and qualities of an all-encompassing leader who can successfully lead the most complex of organizations. Such assumptions, however, do not consider that the modern military does not work in this manner and leadership is much more complex. Since 2003, the Army has fired 129 of its top leaders while who were commanding either a battalion or a brigade (Tan, 2015). The military is in fact limited and without external resources for leadership and without exception operates in an environment that grooms and grows its leaders from the bottom up. This limits the ability of all of the armed forces, including the United States Army, in allocating good leaders when at the top tier of the organization.
Basic Organizational Structure of Today’s Military Today’s Army typically has a hierarchy of organizations that funnel tasks and information from the highest levels of government to the individual Soldier on the ground. The different levels within the hierarchy are headed by an officer. The hierarchy begins at the initial leadership level with a platoon sized element that is often lead by a service member who is either a second or first
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