Assessment Of Community Level Barriers

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Assessment of Community-Level Barriers Every community has barriers to success, it is the duty of its members to find a way to break those barriers and succeed at helping the members in the that community. “A community assessment is basically a description of a community and its people. The purpose is to identify the needs of a community in order to provide services appropriate to those needs.” (,2016) Building off the plan and goals set for the model program I created this paper will evaluate the critical barriers that risk the success of the program. ‘Moving Up’ is a program to offer services in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. The vision for this program is to create a clinic/medical office that offers every service a person could need to fight and win against substance abuse addiction. The goal of Moving Up is to service the entire community in one location. Moving Up will have the ability to complete full medical evaluations, full mental health assessment, and social service assessment. The ideal situation is not for the program to turn anyone away who needs our care. The majority of funding comes from local charity. In addition, the program applies for federally funded grants but those are not guaranteed. Once an initial full evaluation is done on each patient Moving Up can create a program designed specifically for the needs of that community member. Each day the clinic will offer several different meetings and classes. We will offer classes on addiction,
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