Assessment Of Final Reflection Paper

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Assessment of Final Reflection Paper
Lionell C. Henderson
Northwood University
Management and Leadership Simulation – MBA 679
Thursday Evening Cohort
Summer 2015
Professor Tara Peters, PhD.

The 8 concepts I will discuss in this paper will stem from the courses: Leadership I & II, Critical Thinking I & II, Measurements I & II, Satisfying Customers II, and Satisfying Shareholders. While the information acquired from these courses provided the initial thought process for our organization, it was how we collectively decided to apply those principles in a creative and unique manner, in my opinion, is what gave us our competitive advantage. For example, imagine being told you could build your own car. You know the things the car must have to make it operational, such as the engine, the body, tires, etc. But it’s when you customize your car, it begins to take on your identity or brand, and this is what we did with our decision making processes in which I feel led to our organization’s ultimate success.
Leadership I
This concept is on human behavior and comes from the, “Note on Human Behavior: Character and Situation” by Nitin Nohria and Bridget Gurtler. The concept speaks on emotional contagion, which states when a group of people are placed in close working conditions, and are required to perform under pressure, emotions can pass from one person to the other, whether they are positive or negative. It is the responsibility of a leader to control the…
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