Assessment Of Outcome And Project Timeline

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9. Assessment of Outcome and Project Timeline Outcomes will be assessed through (1) feedback from NSF program directors on annual and final project reports, (2) number and quality of publications in journals and conference proceedings, (3) feedback from colleagues and other experts on presentations and/or posters at technical conferences, and (4) evaluation from the ultrasonic machinery and additive manufacturing industries. The project timeline is shown in Table 3. 10. Broader Impacts 10.1. Impacts on industry and society The uncompetitive qualities of the AM-fabricated metal parts limit the wide industrial applications of AM processes. The results from the proposed research will help to establish an efficient and effective process for additive manufacturing and remanufacturing of metal parts with significantly improved qualities. Specifically, the proposed research will provide an engineering solution to reduce or eliminate uncertainties and common defects in LENS additive manufacturing of metal materials by integrating ultrasonic vibration. Such solution will broaden the applications of AM processes in the major industries in the U.S. where metal materials are heavily used, including aerospace industry, medical instruments and implants industry, automobile industry, machine tool industry, etc. UV-A LENS innovates the AM industry (both AM manufacturer and AM service provider) and ultrasonic applicable industry. The successful completion of the proposed research can help

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