Assessment Of The Well Child

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Assessment of the Well Child Physical Development I observed a 3 year old girl at Brighten Academy on Shaw and Fowler. During this time, I watched her play with her peers. They were outside, playing on the jungle gym. She was able to move up and down the stairs, alternating feet. They children were fascinated with the slide, they spent much time playing on it. The little girl was able to climb and run around with ease. While walking, her arm and leg movement were reciprocal. While standing, I did notice she had a slight inward stance. Her knees were touching, and the lower portion of her legs fanned out. Her overall appearance was proportional. While on the jungle gym, she used her hands to balance on the rail. As well as, picking up the sand around the play area. Language While listening to the girl speak, she used simple words. Her sentences included about four to five words, using mostly nouns, verbs, and pronouns. For instance she said, “ I want to play on jungle gym.” When the girl needed assistance she went to the caregiver supervising them. For example, if she needed to go to the bathroom or help with something. I noticed when she was playing with her peers, they were talking back and forth. She expected to have a conservation, although it was short and simple. Throughout her monologue, her questioning was very direct. She either was asking for help with something, or asking peers to play with her. There were a few instances when the child would
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