Assessment Process

Satisfactory Essays
The following table may be used to aid your completion of this unit. Alternatively, you may want to record your knowledge and understanding in an assignment type format. If you choose the assignment format, please make reference to the criteria numbers in the margins adjacent to relevant paragraphs.
Record your responses in the spaces that follow each set of bullet points. The table will expand as you type.
Although some questions may appear similar, there are subtle differences that need to be considered if you are sign-posting one answer to another.
Criteria Number
Assessment Criteria
Explain the functions of assessment:
Why is assessment carried out?
What is the purpose of assessment?
What does assessment measure?
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Range of experience and understanding
How to involve expert witnesses

Summarise the types of information that should be made available to learners and others involved in the assessment process e.g.:
Skills analysis outcomes

Explain how peer and self-assessment can be used effectively to promote learner involvement and personal responsibility in the assessment of learning?
Development of analytical skills
Understanding of specifications
Self reflection of own performance

Explain how assessment arrangements can be adapted to meet the needs of individual learners e.g.
Time consideration, work/shift patterns etc.
Confidentiality issues
Consideration of learning styles
Variation of assessment methods

Explain how to judge whether evidence is:
Sufficient – Are the requirements met and how do you know?
Authentic – Is it the learner’s own work and how do you know?
Current – Have the working practices around that activity changed since the evidence was produced?

Explain how to ensure that assessment decisions are:
Made against specified criteria – Refer to your standards
Valid – Accurately measured using a method that suits the situation
Reliable – Ensuring the same results regardless of who is assessing
Fair – That equality
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