Assessment Process

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HR Proposal 18 Assessment Process Assessment Plan Assessment center session Invite candidates to AC Send relevant documentation to candidates Send relevant documentation to assessors Make all logistical arrangements for AC Make all logistical arrangements for candidates Support assessors in admin arrangements during the AC Receive feedback on candidates from Assessors Update status First Interview Process Receive candidates on relevant day Manage all the interviews according to schedule Comptency based Interviews Functional Interviews take place Provide feedback on which candidate to invite for Assessment Center Provide written feedback to all candidates Update daylite Final Interview Plan final interview dates and lock in dates with interviewers Invite interviewers for final interviews Invite candidates for final interviews Make all logistical arrangements for candidates Send interviewers all relevant documentation Manage interviews according to schedule Provide feedback on candidates Send written confirmation on final interview Inform rejected candidate of outcome interview Update database Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Job Analysis 3 Job Analysis: 5 Job Description 8 Interview Evaluation 11 Performance Based Test 13 Assessment Report: 14 Selection Process for Candidates 15 Recruitment Process 16 References 17 Introduction: The company taken in to consideration
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