Assessment Questionare Bshs/335 Week 3

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Complete the questionnaire form by creating 10 questions you think will determine the competencies of caseworkers applying for a position with your family counseling practice.

Address the following in your questions:

The caseworker’s method for handling ethical issues.
The caseworker’s plan for staying current in his or her area of expertise and for receiving continuing education.
The caseworker’s procedure for maintaining accurate and complete client records.

Write the final question so it involves a scenario that requires the caseworker to determine whether to abide by the duty to warn or the duty to protect.

Complete the questionnaire as if you were one of the caseworkers
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Eventually I would like|
| |to complete with my Doctorate degree in human services. |
|Why is continuing your education so important? |I personally feel that a person always as room to grow. By continuing |
| |my education I am in a place that will allow me to learn as much as |
| |possible and continue to help the clients more. |
|What is your main goal in this field? |Personally I love this field due to having the ability to help |
| |clients. There are so many people that need help and I feel it is very|
| |satisfying being able to do this. |
|What are your main goals in this field? |My main goals in this field are to make a difference in someone’s |
| |life. I do realize that we will not be able to impact everyone we come|
| |into contact with, but if I can help

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