Assessment Task 1

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Name- Deepak Saini
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Assessment: -1
Coles is an Australian Supermarket chain owned by Wesfarmers. It is a retailer of food, liquor and convince in Australia. There are more than 102,000 team members across all brands including Coles express, 1st choice liquor superstore, Coles and Bi-Lo supermarkets, liquor land, vintage cellars and spirit hotels.
Business goal: -
Coles thrive to make itself a better shopping and working place, therefore they lay stress on achieving the goal i.e.
“To give the people of Australia a shop they trust, delivering quality, service and value.”
Values: -
Coles believes in
Customers come
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Therefore they advertise their product through television, radio, internet website and Cole’s price pamphlets.

Marketing Mix:
1. Place: - Coles buys all its seafood mainly from Australia whereas many products are imported from New Zealand, Thailand, China, USA, Russia etc. Many seafood items are bought from the country as well as imported.
2. Price: - Coles buys its seafood items mainly from Australia, therefore selling it off at a much cheaper price as compared to other supermarkets.
3. Product: - Coles have lots of varieties when it comes to serving platers, there are multiple sizes available that can be purchased according to the requirement. The quantity given in the platter is also better as compared to the other places.
4. Promotion: - Coles promote their products by providing a good quality products and services to their customers. Moreover Coles advertise their best quality products through television and radio. Also it promotes their new products into the shelves of the supermarket stores. It also gives all the details of the product on its website.

Competitor: Woolworths
Product Chosen:
The plater chosen here contains the seafood and serves 8 – 10 people. The cost of the plater is 55.00$ per ea which is more than that at Coles. The quantity being the same, people pay more here for the same product.

Marketing Mix:
1. Place: Woolworths is at much fewer places than Coles thereby not preferred as much as Coles.
2. Price: The
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