Assessment Task 1

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Develop marketing strategies
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Performance objective
In this assessment task you are required to review and evaluate marketing opportunities for an organisation and develop marketing activities that reflect the strategic directions of the organisation.
Assessment description
For the organisation outlined in the case study provided, identify two marketing opportunities and evaluate
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You have recently been appointed as the marketing manager and must now review the organisation and devise marketing strategies that will move Houzit towards its strategic goals.
The CEO has also asked you to consider some marketing opportunities that may assist Houzit in reaching its goals, and provide him with brief summary evaluating two alternatives, including the benefits and risks associated with each option, and making a recommendation for the opportunity most likely to produce results.
You have gleaned the following information about Houzit:
Houzit is close to entering its fifth year of operation; offering a wide range of home-ware items on easy-to-manage payment terms and supplies a three year guarantee on every item sold.
The typical target customers have the following characteristics: sophisticated people who are house proud shoppers who will drive to an easy-to-access store customers who require payment plans to spread their commitment over an extended period renovators and new home builders
20–50 year olds.
Houzit recognises the following trends and focuses its efforts on them.
Quality – Preference for high quality items is increasing as customers are learning to appreciate differences in quality.
Unique items – Customers want homewares that stand out from mass-produced, low quality items.
Selection – People are demanding a
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