Assessment Task Simulated Business Max Lionel Realty

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Simulated Business
Max Lionel Realty

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Max Lionel Realty Project 1
Chapter 1 – Business plan (excerpt) 3
Chapter 2 – Organisational chart and management profiles 4
Chapter 3 – Management responsibilities 5
Chapter 4 – Budget summary 6
Chapter 5 – Operational plan 7
Chapter 6 – Operational risk register 9
Chapter 7 – Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy 10
Chapter 8 – Anti-discrimination policy 12
Chapter 9 – Procurement policy and procedures 13
Chapter 10 – Max Lionel Realty current tenants list 18
Chapter 11 – List of pre-approved suppliers 19

Max Lionel Realty Project
Max Lionel Realty (MLR), in order to build customer goodwill and satisfy its legal and ethical obligations, has decided to implement a program to:
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Kim Sweeney, Operations General Manager
Kim is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. Kim oversees the coordination, as well as the structural separation, of the Residential, Commercial, and Investments centres. Kim is responsible for sponsoring projects which affect operations of the organisation as a whole. Kim works with the Human Resources Manager to coordinate systems and projects in order to achieve company-wide synergy.
Les Goodale, Human Resources Manager
Les is responsible for the productive capacity and welfare of people at MLR. With the Operations General Manager, Kim works to coordinate projects and management systems such as performance management, recruitment, and induction. Kim will need to ensure aspects of the recently launched WHS management system, such as risk assessment, management, consulting, reporting and continuous improvement, are coordinated with all subsequent activities.
Sam Lee, Manager Residential Realty
Sam is responsible for the management of all aspects of residential realty. Sam manages the activities of residential agents.
Pat Misfud, Manager Commercial Realty
Pat is responsible for the management of all aspects commercial realty. Pat manages the activities of commercial agents.
Peter Mitchell, Manager Investments
Peter is responsible for the management of all aspects investment realty. Peter manages the activities of investment agents.

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