Assessment Task Two Jigsaw Piece

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HNN120 Assessment Task Two Jigsaw Piece Ashe Collins Student ID : 600215759 Word Count:1409 1 The importance of safe and quality health care in today’s society must take into consideration the patients’ perceptions and requirements. Showing your clients dignity is absolutely necessary to gain their trust and give them comfort. Respecting patients specific needs, moral values and individual preferences is key in providing the best possible care. Encouraging and teaching the patients themselves to play a role in the management of their own health, rehabilitation or ongoing treatment can produce beneficial results. Another significant element is communication, and openly sharing medical information with the patient and their family allows them to stay informed and have knowledge about what is happening. These principles are structured strongly on evidence based practice, but must be morally correct also. Cohering to the evidence based practice helps to eliminate the safety risks for the patient and the nurse. By establishing high ethical standards and combining this with evidence based practice we are working towards providing an exceptional service to our consumer. Nursing codes of ethics, both locally and globally, translate to a moral responsibility to nurture the overall health of those needing or receiving healthcare. Patient advocacy for healthcare workers to deal effectively with ethical issues they encounter on a day to day basis must be able to identify the most
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