Assessment : The Second Stage Of The Group Process

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Assessment Assessment is the second stage in the group process. In this stage, group members will share past history, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. Adlerian group therapy strives to increase each members self awareness of thoughts feelings, and behaviours. Members’ past experiences shape their view of life. According to Adler, an individual’s outlook of their life derives from their vantage point. Vantage point is the individual’s interpretation of his/her life and the world from his/her perspective (Sonstegard, 1998). If the individual’s perspective is maladaptive, then the group leader has to facilitate change of the view to something that the individual desires. Vantage points are birth order, gender, and hereditary. For example, an older sibling view of life is that he/she is the first child. The eldest child can never know the experience of the youngest child; he/she only has the outlook of the first born (Sonstegard, 1998). The eldest child may feel dethroned by other siblings, lost, not special anymore, and view life as a horrible tragedy. This is an example of the oldest sibling’s vantage point if it was maladaptive. Similarly, individuals that attend group therapy enter group with a mindset that their perspective of life is what it is and they have to accept it. Group therapy reveals vantage points can change with new experiences and self awareness. The group leader has to first identify the group member’s vantage point, and then assist the member towards
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