Assessment Toolss : Assessment Forms And Methods Of CIPN

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Assessment tools It has been established that there are at present no adequate forms of preventing CIPN (Cavaletti, 2014). Additionally, CIPN is often under-rated and under-reported particularly as patients do not like to miss treatments (Stubblefield et al., 2009). Therefore, comprehensive evaluations using standardized and sensitive assessment tools to prevent severe neurotoxicity are a critical step for early intervention. According to Stubblefield et al. (2012), it is essential a baseline assessment including any preexisting neuropathy and predisposing factors, such as diabetes, be performed prior to initiation of treatment. This baseline assessment should include not only subjective symptoms, but assessment of strength, reflexes and…show more content…
This is a patient questionnaire that uses a score of 0-4 to assess subjective neuropathic symptoms (Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy, 2007).
The Total Neuropathy Score (TNS), initially was used to assess diabetic neuropathy, utilizes objective criterion, such as pin prick, with a subjective account of all neuropathic areas including sensory, autonomic and motor (Curcio, 2016). However, it is too time consuming for nurses to use routinely (Curcio, 2016). The Total Neuropathy Score – clinical version (TNSc) was recommended for broader use (Curcio, 2016). This abbreviated version which was developed is more sensitive than other tools including the NCI-CTCAE (Curcio, 2016). In a systematic review by Haryani et al. (2017) similar conclusions were realized. They analyzed nineteen studies and twenty CIPN assessment tools and determined that both the FACT/GOG-Ntx and TNSc were recommended (Haryani et al., 2017). Further, since CIPN is more subjective than objective in nature, utilizing the FACT/GOG—Ntx first, followed by a provider validation using the TNSc is suggested (Haryani et al., 2017).
In the clinical setting, it would be advantageous to facilitate the use of a self-administered neurotoxicity portion of the FACT/GOG questionnaire. The at risk chemotherapy patient could complete it upon arrival to the infusion center. This could be followed by performing the abbreviated TNSc, which would consist of a

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