Assessment and Care Planning for a Person with Mental Disabilities

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In this essay I will discuss a service user I encountered on recent practice placement who was referred to the hospital after she has been deteriorating in mental health and she has bipolar disorder. I am going to discuss the assessment and development of the care plan of the service user. The essay will also consist of a brief biography of the patient’s contributing factors towards her present mental health circumstances. The relevant culturally sensitive engagement and assessment skills used by the nurse in their relationships with the service user will be discussed. I will also explore legislative and nursing frameworks that influence and contribute to positive and hopeful service user’s care. The assignment will also explore the …show more content…
The Department of Healthy formed a National Service Frame for Older People (2001) which was established to look at the problems for the elderly people so they get the best quality of care. This helps to minimise age discrimination in elderly people and it promotes independence and provides person centred care. The framework has four underlying principles which are; respecting the individual, intermediate care, providing evidence based specialist care and promoting an active healthy life. There is also National Care Standards which aims to improve the quality of life of the patients by the level of care and support provided. The frameworks and legislations help to guide Alice’s care.
Alice needed an assessment of her needs and to have a care plan that is regularly reviewed by professionals. Assessment is the decision making process, based upon the collection of relevant information, using a format set of ethical criteria, that contributes to an overall estimation of a person and her circumstances (Barker, 2004). I was going to get most of the information from Alice. Barker (2009) suggests that wherever possible information should be obtained directly from the person, either in the form of some kind of self report or via observation. Good communication and a systematic approach to data collection are needed for a successful assessment.
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