Assessment and Diagnosis

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Caring for populations Tuwain Kolleh Chamberlain College of Nursing NR443-Community Health Professor Deborah Long November 25,2014 Introduction Often people forget that the community in which they live in plays a vital role on their lifestyle. Your community may influence you on how you experience others culture, it may predispose you to certain illnesses and crimes due to location. It may influence you to think big and want better for your future and your children’s future base on the people you are surrounded by. Communities sometimes influence its member’s careers paths base on merely the need of that community. The purpose of this paper is to assess the community of Stapleton, its demographic, needs and issues both…show more content…
The total crime rates are 122, personal crime risks are 177;robbery is rampant (267) while the risk of you getting rape is well below average. People living in the Stapleton area are moderate burden with illnesses and mortality. General health is within an average range, maternal and child health is below average, and chronic disease such is heart disease, diabetes and lung disease are below average needing interventions. The leading cause of premature deaths in the Stapleton area is cancer and heart disease. The main cause of death in New York city is heart disease 283 per 100,000 in comparison to Staten Island 378 per 100,000( Alcoholism and drug use is one of the main causes of hospitalization in Stapleton. Individuals in this are participates in many activities that puts them at risk for HIV such as having frequent unprotected sex, injecting drugs in their bodies, and prostituting for money or drugs. In comparison to the state of New York Stapleton has a very high infant mortality rate ( Women are lacking prenatal care; proper nutrition and babies are being born with low birth weight. The Stapleton community is in Staten Island, New York is fill with immigrants especially Africans.
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