Assessment and Learner Essay

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UNIT TITLE: 007 Principles of assessment in lifelong learning LEVEL 3 (3 credits) Learning OutcomesThe learner will: | Assessment CriteriaThe learner can: | Learner statement | 1. Understand types and methods of assessment used in lifelong learning | 1.1 | Explain types of assessment used in lifelong learning | Assessment can be Formative and should take place continually throughout my learner’s time to allow for development, by simply asking them questions and observing their actions can help give on-going feedback to enable my learner to develop further before a summative assessment takes place. And it can also be Summative and usually takes place at the end of the program or unit or at the end of the qualification.Formative…show more content…
It allows for holistic approach | Its time consumingYou might not get anything out of the observation.Example: you could be there observing for an hour and all that might have happened is the learner served one customer. | Guided discussion | Some candidates can discuss better than writing It’s reliable and valid especially if recorded.Example: I have a learner who finds it hard to structure her assignments but when she comes to discuss the topic she has no problems so by having a guided discussion with her it means she shows her compentacey of knowledge in that area and because its recorded its reliable and valid not to mention fair because its what’s best for the candidate. | Some of the learners might not be confident and may talk too much about points that are not relevant before you get to the answer that’s needed. | examining | Its reliable, valid and fairIt shows what the candidate has learnt. | It only shows the knowledge they have learnt and not the practical side Might not do as well in exam conditions due to nerves or a disability | Questioning | Enables to assess the knowledge that individual has in that area.Can be written or spoken.Example it can be used if the candidate has not gone into enough detail if they have written a personal statement etc. to provide evidence of their understanding. | Some people struggle to write what they mean yet when you ask them they can tell you the answer straight away,One of my learners
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