Assessment and Quality Assurance Essay examples

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Training, Assessment, Quality Assurance (6317) Qualification Information Policy Statement It has come to our attention that the acronym 'TAQA' has been adopted by a private training provider as their company name. The TAQA acronym has been used by City & Guilds since early in 2010 to represent the group of Training Assessment and Quality Assurance qualifications which were launched in September 2010. City & Guilds has no relationship with the training provider and does not in any way endorse their work, services or products. LLUK Consultation for Learning and Development Awards The TAQA Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance qualifications that replaced the A&V units were launched in September 2010. The TAQA qualifications - see also…show more content…
Assessment guidance from LLUK All learning outcomes in the units must be assessed using methods appropriate to their content. See the specific assessment guidance that accompanies the units for further details. There must be valid, authentic and sufficient evidence for all the assessment criteria. However, there is no requirement for each unit to be assessed separately. It is recommended that holistic approaches to assessment are used. Wherever possible, one activity can be used as evidence for learning outcomes and assessment criteria for other units. For example, a discussion for 'Assess occupational competence in the work environment' might provide some evidence for 'Understanding the principles and practices of assessment'. However, it is essential that evidence for the assessment criteria in each unit is also identified individually. Assessment methods Different units will include different assessment requirements and methods - all of which will be
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